Speakers: build them yourself


In this series I will make myself a complete set of speakers. Starting of with a two-way set that for the back. Later on, I’ll add a wall-firing subwoofer and I will finish of with a soundbar.
This page is to show you how I made every part of this system. I will do a more in depth article about how you can design your own speakers later on.

Two-way speaker

This two-way speaker set can also can be used as a stand-alone set just fine. The boxes are ported and tuned to 55Hz so they don’t lack in base response. In my configuration, they will be used as rear speakers. You will see later on (in the subwoofer video) that I position them in a unorthodox way so they are firing at the ceiling. They are put on an angle so the sound bounces of the ceiling to the front wall and back at the listener.


A friend gave me an old subwoofer so I deceided to build an enclosure for it. This subwoofer is tuned to 28Hz and is positioned just behind the sofa. The bass is fired at the wall so that it acts as a big diffuser. This way the bass is not so ‘in your face’ and one is unable to locate the sub. The subwoofer also adds to the movie experience because it is standing against the sofa. You can feel the lowest bass passing through your spine when seated.


The two-way and subwoofer are all it takes to listen to some nice soothing music. But one can not go without a soundbar when watching movies. With this addition we are submerged by the soothing sounds. If you tweak the balance a bit, your favorite spot on the sofa just got better 🙂