We are rebuilding a fixer-upper and you are welcome to join in on our adventure. The house will be completely stripped, added onto and rebuilt from the base. In Belgium wood construction is not used that often but it's a way of construction that allows homeowners to do some things themselves. For the young generation, this means we can still afford a good quality house to be our home.

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We will have to purchase some tools so we might as well give the tools a review after they have been field-tested. Our novice and torturing hands will test the durability, safety and affordability. This allows you to make an informed decision and get as much bang for the buck as possible.

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In the end the house will be finished. Built-it! can build built-in furniture and so can you! There are options for every knowledge and price range. It doesn't matter whether you choose to customize Ikea furniture or use expensive hardwoods, butt joints or dovetails. Whatever floats your boat is the way to go!

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"It will only take a couple of minutes to fix this"